Rifle Raffle Winner!!!

Here Bill Myers is presenting the Henry Goldenboy Rifle to winner(I might say a very happy winner) Wade Green from West Lafayette,Ohio.  This was his first time to attend the fesitval.  His dad had attended in the past and this year Wade decided to join him.  I asked him if he would come back again?  He said” Of course I’m going to attend all of them from now on!”  Thanks Wade and thanks to your Dad for bringing you.  See you next year!!!

Jeff Connors, Wade Green (Winner of Rifle) and Bill Myers

Could it be more perfect than the real son of the famous Chuck Connors “The Rifleman” (Jeff Connors) congradulates winner of the Rifle ,Wade Green of West Lafayette, Ohio.

Julie Ann Ream and her friend Johnny Crawford

Sunday Mother’s Day May the 8th at The Cracker Barrel Resturant in Cambridge, Ohio.  We took our Stars their to eat before taking them to Columbus to the airport.  They love Crackle Barrel as there aren’t any in California.

Sandy Myers and Johnny Crawford

I can’t believe I am standing here and ate lunch sitting beside Mark McCain aka Johnny Crawford!!! Wow  Thanks to all of our great guest stars.  It was a pleasure having all of you.  Hope you will visit again.

Dan Haggerty

Here Dan is sitting on the front porch of the Cracker Barrel Resturant enjoying the rocking chair and meeting fans and talking to them and getting pictures taken.  He will be the first to tell you that he and other stars are nothing without their fans.  Thanks Dan for being so down to earth.

Laura & Johnny

Johnny and Laura at the Crackle Barrel.  Notice Johnny has on his wrist band in memory of our beloved Grace Bradley Boyd.

Lines from laura

We have come of age! 21 years of honoring William Boyd in his hometown. Our guests were wonderful. Johnny Crawford kept us in stitches and his singing was superb. Dan Haggerty attracted people everywhere he went. Jeff Connors is a great representative of his dad, Chuck Connors. His singing on Saturday night was the highlight of the evening, in my opinion. Lots of other good things happened as well. Julie Ream does a great job of representing her family of western stars. And, William Stallings really is the brother of Dan. They could keep a person in laughter for hours. Thanks to all who attended and helped out in any way.
We’re looking forward to 2012.